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25 Things I Know

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Today’s my 25th birthday and I made a list of 25 things I know to be true today. I hope you enjoy!

1. Love is everything.

2. Anne Lamott was on to something — being kind is paramount.

3. Dog kisses fix everything.

4. You can be forgiven again and again.

5. Boundaries are never a bad thing.

6. Recovery is a long, winded road which never ends. That’s why they say, “one day at a time.”

7. One best friend is better than 10 friends.

8. Writing is therapy, a balm to the wound, and a creator of much joy if you let it.

9. Resilience is your best trait.

10. Make the family you wish you had.

11. The word “no” is a complete sentence.

12. Trauma doesn’t go away with time, it just softens.

13. Read and repeat.

14. You are allowed to leave an unsafe space and not be made to feel guilty for vocalizing why.

15. You are, sometimes, right.

16. Trust your intuition.

17. Two cups of coffee is a good maximum.

18. Boston will always be your favorite place.

19. When it comes to your relationship, talk things out, the weather & the dishes are just props, life is short, don’t treat conversations like you’ll have forever to have them.

20. You’re allowed to invest in the people you believe in and simotaneously not take any of their shit. Being an ally doesn’t mean you’re a doormat.

21. Use your words.

22. Take an action, but don’t be reactive.

23. Losing some people will hurt forever. That’s okay. You’re made of strong stuff.

24. This new chapter is where it gets good.

25. You’re okay. You’re you.


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