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My Mindset, My Responsiblity

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Hi all! Happy happy Wednesday. Okay, summer just flew right by right? I cannot believe it is September and I am so excited about my jam packed fall at the same time. I’m traveling both to New York and L.A., I’m participating in two online courses and I’m applying to social work school. There’s another opportunity I’m keeping to myself for a few more days, but I’m just about bursting to share it with all of you. This summer has been ROUGH. I really feel put through the ringer.

Yesterday, I felt all kinds of negative things, and while sitting in it, I realized how much I hate being upset and grumpy. I’m usually a very optimistic person, but I’ve let a few people get under my skin recently and that’s totally my responsibility! I can’t do anything about the fact that I’ve lost a few friendships this summer, but I can change my mindset on how I feel currently. The truth is, I just don’t have time for negativity in my life. I want to live a beautiful, magical life and I want to help others, but when my mind is super bogged down with the heavy stuff it’s almost impossible to see a way out or the light out the end of the tunnel. Here are a few actions I took recently to shake things up and get my smile going again:

  1. Made myself an actual small office space. It’s perfect for me and I can’t wait to use it more when I’m busier.

  2. Take a hot shower and drink a glass of ice cold water. It helps! The shower felt totally soothing and gave me opportunity to get my thoughts out (yes, I totally talk to my out loud while showering) and the water is making me feel more present for some reason, but also keeping my hydrated (literally we have to drink so much water and we don’t!).

  3. MUSIC! Okay, if you don’t have Spotify I suggest downloading it right away. There is nothing like working down my to-do list to the sweet sound of music. I pretty much like to listen to anything and everything, so I usually just click a channel they provide and do a little happy dance in my seat.

  4. Make a to-do list. Even if the list is short and sweet. Even if you think the tasks are too small to put on the list. There is something so soothing about checking things off and the sense of accomplishment is huge.

  5. Change your mindset! Feeling crappy? Look at the sky. Feeling badly about yourself? Put some bright lipstick on (or if you’re me, a bright pink sweater and bright pink lipstick). You have a choice every minute of every day of how you live through the day. I’ve been dealt some tricky cards in my life, and I truly think what saved me was my ability to be positive and know that I could go do something that would help me refocus on my true intentions, my happiness, and help me live a life that I think is worth not just living but shouting from the rooftops. It’s not always peaches in cream (or even mostly), but inside my head I can control how I think and how I feel. I choose to be happy because why not?

That’s it! This is a blog focused on recovery, and I think recovery can be really hard to handle when your mind gets super overwhelming and the negative Nancy voices get louder and louder. I highly suggest taking a step outside or calling a friend to reassess. I once walked into an Al Anon meeting and a woman spoke towards the end of the meeting (around 8pm) and she said something along the lines of, I decided I want to have a good day and I’m restarting my day right now. Isn’t that awesome? It’s never too late to hit the restart button. I’m feeling flush with positivity this morning, sitting in my new desk chair, just feeling really grateful for what I do have right now and for the fact that I can share these thoughts and feelings with you all. When life gets hard, for me, it’s time to get back to basics.

Basics are totally the foundation on which everything else gets bigger and better. I hope if today is hard one for you, you take a minute to write a list of what makes you tick and then go do one of those things (an episode of The Office totally counts as does 20 minutes of a good, uplifting book).

It’s never too late to get your happy on! 

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