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10 Things To Do Instead of Drink


I’ve used all of the below 10 things at certain points when I’m sober. Though they are all things I take partake in when I’m drinking, I do them with a lot more love and meaning when I’m clearheaded and sober. 

1. Flirt with your partner. 

I like to take my partner to a new restaurant, make a conscious effort to put my phone in my bag or pocket, and ask her questions about herself. I’ve found, that sometimes being in a new setting can add a nice dose of heat to an otherwise ordinary night. Also, flirting without alcohol can feel scary at first (and always), so I try to remind myself that I am safe, I am loved, and I am ready for new experiences even when they’re a little (or a lot) uncomfortable.


2. Eat a new food.

I bet there’s a food you’ve been dying to try. Get takeout or better yet get all dressed up and take your self out. Bring a book, order a cranberry and club soda, people watch.  

3. Make a gratitude list. Use watercolors. 

Tammi Salas was the first person who taught me about gratitude lists. I hadn’t made art or used paints/watercolors since high school. I thought I couldn’t. Sobriety has always made me braver. When I make when I’m clearheaded, I feel the closest to my work. Try a notebook like this one and these watercolors.


4. Watch a new show on Netflix. 

I really love watching The Great British Baking Show and Storage Wars. On my list right now is Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat.

5. Read. One chapter. Or 5.

I just posted a list the other day of 8 recovery books that you might want to check out. But, if you’re looking for a good novel these are a few suggestions: The Husband’s Secret, The Girl on the Train, Little Fires Everywhere, and Where’d You Go Bernadette


6. Buy a new water bottle. Add lemon or berries. 

I really love my Hydro Flask, I think mostly because it’s bright pink.

7. Write. Tell your story out loud. Or tell a friend. 

Journal. Morning pages. Blog. WordPress is easy to use. Ask a friend for a coffee or tea. All good ideas to get out of your own head and into the world/onto the page.


8. Get a new hobby. 

Knit. Thrift. Sing. Dance. Pottery. Art. Etc.

9. Dance. Move. It. Out. 


10. Tell yourself you are loved. Repeat 1-10 as much as you can. 

I love you, too. 


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