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Thanksgiving & Gratitude

My dressed kitchen island

Happy Thanksgiving internet world!

If you’re sober today I know you know how much you have to be thankful for. I know that my gratitude for my sobriety and for being present with my wife-to-be and dear friend today is massive. I have country holiday tunes playing, a glass of cold seltzer, and I’m writing some words so I can capture today and look back and remember that my life is so incredibly beautiful.

I usually don’t put so much effort into today. This year though, I set our kitchen island (as well as I could), dressed the tree, and put on a new purple dress.

Whether your holiday is celebrated with family and friends or alone this year please know how loved you are. I have been in both camps. I’ve drunk a lot Thanksgiving Eve knowing I’d be alone the next day and I’ve also skipped the day and celebrated the day after with friends. I’ve never actually been sober on Thanksgiving though! Woohoo! It’s definitely scary and a little weird because as I lay out the stemless wineglasses I thought how nice it would be to partake in a Hot Toddy or a glass of wine. But, would it? I mean maybe in the moment, but in the long-run I feel better when I am clearheaded. I know that is when I am most dedicated to my writing practice, most present in my life, and most importantly, when I feel best about myself.

Today, I am just purely grateful for another chance to be sober, something not everybody gets. I love you all. Happy everything today.

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