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My Recovery Plan for December


Someone asked me today what I do for my recovery every day. It got me thinking that I want to share a little glimpse into my every day with all of you. It comes with some shame, since I am not working and I know that makes me extremely fortunate. I needed this time and space, but I have a lot of weird feelings about it to like guilt and the gnawing feeling that I am not doing enough with time I have been given. Past those feelings though, I’ve felt a lot more creative lately. I want to get into a better daily routine that really focuses on my creativity and getting outside and out of my head. Below, you’ll find a little guide to my hopes for the month ahead as well as a handful of things I try to do daily for my recovery. Remember, no one recovers in the same way, thought we’re never alone, we are all on our own paths. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel (as my old sponsor used to say), but never fear embracing¬†your way.

Things I hope to accomplish in the month of December:

  • Daily Gratitude Lists
    • Both getting back into the daily practice, sharing them on my blog, and establishing them as a nonnegotiable every single day
  • Submitting to at least 10 different publications this month
    • Though I have been submitting my work for quite some time, recently I’ve got way to caught up in what every one else is doing. My goal is to keep a running list of places I want to submit to this month and have the total round out to 10.
  • Drinking water every day (and not buying plastic water bottles)
    • I seem to always be extremely thirsty and somehow never with a water bottle even though I own a few. This month, no plastic water bottles & always carrying my new, bag appropriate bottle (it’s small but perfect to have on the go).
  • My phone stays out of the bedroom
    • I’d ideally like to read one chapter before I go to bed every night and in order to do that, I really need to kick my phone out of bed.

Day-to-Day rituals and routine:

  • Drinking coffee from home instead of getting it out, which forces me to do get stuff done at home
  • Hot showers really help me center myself as do
  • Puppy snuggles and love. He’s a needy little guy, but I love him
  • Conversations and honesty with my partner as we work on communicating in better and healthier ways
  • Pajamas are an outfit some days, but my get shit done look means real pants
  • Filling in and checking-in with my planner every day to keep track of what I’ve done and what I still need to do as well as recording special things that have happened
  • Not every day needs to be a full day, some days are just meant to be breathed through
  • Blogging almost daily (it makes me feel like I have to do it which is a good thing for someone who is notorious for starting things, but not finishing them)
  • MAKE THE BED. I promise it works wonders
  • Eat, snack, whatever. I don’t run on coffee.

I hope this helps if you’re in early sobriety and/or just looking for things to fill your days with to add some meaning to them or to switch them up. A routine helps, but I’ve found that when I’m too focused on checking something off the list, I’m more likely to be left with feelings of resentment, laziness, etc.¬†My favorite Anne Lamott quote speaks to this as well as to the beauty of letting go:


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