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About Me


My name is Haley Sherif. I’m 25 and I live in Boston with my wife-to-be and sweet pup. I’ve been blogging for almost 10 years which feels sort of crazy and impossible, and at the same time just feels plain amazing.

My first blogging experience was writing for Eco-Chick, where I wrote about sustainable fashion. Following that, I started my own fashion blog called, The Fashion Dish. Since then, I’ve had two additional style blogs as well as a few lifestyle ones. I’ve been trying to find my niche ever since I figured out I don’t quite fit in anyone’s boxes. I tried really hard to fit in, but I always felt like I was somehow lagging behind or cheating. I went through a period where I lost my sense of self. I didn’t feel like anything I was producing felt genuine to me, I felt stuck, like I was trying to wedge myself into a carbon copy of every other blogger– particularly,  my peers. The problem was until I came up with a better solution, I didn’t know where I fit in.

Life has afforded me some pretty spectacular moments to be in awe of it all recently. My faith has been strengthened simply because I’ve started to see life’s plan work out right in front of my eyes and it truly feels like a miracle.

Obviously, there is so much more work and expansion to come, but Living Inside the Grey was born of a place of not fitting in and doing the ___________ (you fill in this blank) anyway.

What I’m starting to discover is this: I was never doing anything wrong. In fact, there is nothing wrong with me. I just needed to step away from all the noise and discover the person I was when I stopped caring what other people thought. I know some awesome people who work really hard in recovery to create safe spaces for everyone. I love following the ladies I do on social media, I’m just trying to create my own niche here too. A place that I can show up honestly, without judgement (self-inflicted or otherwise), and rock my beautiful, bold, queer recovery one day at a time.