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How Could I Forget?

My anxiety crushes into me every single day. I am not on a path to self-destruction, but I am constantly worried. I worry my skin, my hair, my partner. I pick and strip and wonder: is this how it will always be?

My Recovery Plan for December

Someone asked me today what I do for my recovery every day. It got me thinking that I want to share a little glimpse into my every day with all of you.

What Self-Care Has to Do With My Sobriety?

For the last three days I’ve been home alone.

My partner is at her Bachelorette and I took the weekend to stay home in Boston and take care of our dog. I’m 19 days sober today and haven’t had a sip of alcohol since Kit has left.

My Favorite Internet Things Right Now

I wrote a nonfiction piece this morning and felt very uninspired to write a lengthier piece on here today, so these are some of the things I’m finding inspiration in and liking today. I hope you enjoy them too.